Certificate of Recognition

Cortech with assist your organization develop and implement a health and safety program that is aligned with the Certificate of Recognition (COR). Our expertise will help your organization achieve and maintain COR through the following services:



First step of becoming COR certified is developing a health and safety management system that meets the requirements. 

Second step is implementing the program, training all personnel and making sure participation at all levels of the organization.


We encourage organizations that has a health and safety management system in place to conduct pre-audit assessment which will identify any gaps within the program. We utilize the COR audit tool to assess your program to identify any gaps that may exist. Upon completing the assessment our consultants will provide a detailed report that will help the company determine current status of their program. This helps the organization prioritize specific areas of their program in order to move forward. Cortech will assist your team to develop an action plan with timelines to correct these gaps.


Preparing for the Certificate of Recognition audit requires extensive knowledge of auditing techniques and understanding. We have associate audits that will apply the external auditing experience throughout the process to help you complete the audit report properly and in a timely manner.


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Achieving the COR Certificate is the easiest part of the COR Standard; however, maintaining the program year by year is extremely difficult for the majority of the organizations. We provide a complete oversight to ensure organizations follow the continuous improvement process