At Cortech, health and safety is not only our passion but our calling. We established Cortech to focus on elimination of workplace injuries. Having been in the industry for over a decade we have seen and experienced critical injuries, fatalities, and non-compliances that could have been easily prevented.


Based on first hand exposure to these incidents, we decided to form Cortech around the education for all levels of the organization and its stakeholders. 


In order to achieve “zero injuries” in the workplace we believe in involving everyone in the organization in the development and implementation of health and safety management systems. Our focus is on mentoring, re-education and more importantly changing the culture around safety so our clients never have to deal with the repercussions of non-compliant incidents. 

How? By first assessing your current programs, then identifying the gaps and areas that will require improvements with your current health and safety management system (HSMS).


This approach will assure that we are not putting a band aid on issues but working diligently on improving our client’s health & safety culture and environment.


We know first-hand the challenges our clients face in this ever-changing industry. For this reason our team of experts and dedicated Health and Safety advisors will give your organization the assistance required in order to achieve complete compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations.

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